Formed in Wellington New Zealand in 2004 by guitarist Johnny Hellkatze. SEKHT, pioneers in their own sub-genre of Metal- ‘Hellcore’. The “Hellcore” sub-genre was spawned to take all the best things from all sub-genres of metal and roll them into one powerful, seething ball of brutality and hate, fuelled by the unrelenting dedication of four talented musicians. “From the heart/core at the end of the day, we play whatever the Hell we like Metal Wise” This quote was the one that coined the term “Hellcore” and thus sent SEKHT on the path to revolutionise and revitalise modern extreme music. From 2007 Joined by drummer Zac Adams, SEKHT continued down this path in Christchurch New Zealand, influenced by early American Thrash Metal, European Black and Death Metal, Speed Metal, Power Groove Metal and Hardcore just to name a few sub-genres that they take the best from.

Not only are SEKHT insane in the studio, but they are also a force to be reckoned with when playing live. Because of this incredible energy and talent on stage, they have performed alongside some of the finest Metal that Australia and New Zealand has to offer.

After the earthquakes that ravaged Christchurch in 2011, SEKHT packed up and moved to Wellington where they were the first winners of the Metal Category in the NZ Music Awards in 2012 and self-released their album ‘HELLCORE’ until finally coming over to Melbourne Australia in 2013. In 2018 Sekht supported fellow kiwi metal-heads ‘Blindfolded And Led To The Woods’ on their Australasian tour.

After many line-up changes between 2007 and now, SEKHT is a new and rejuvenated 4 piece powerhouse of a band that has chemistry and hunger rivalling any previous incarnation of the band.

Sekht will be relentless in unleashing its ‘Hellcore’ groove laden fury upon the crowds and masses.


Johnny (HELLKAT) Hellkatze – Guitar

Zac (ZW) Adams – Drums

Scott (WARMOTH) Waymouth – Bass

Craig (CEDRIC) Hubert – Vocals